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Blackcat :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Blackcat 
Wallpaper Unknown 

clovemagic NB, that is just fine, on every level. I don't know what else to say.
mikeskid I like it, very Kill Billish, my only complaint is your pseudo start button displaying the litestep logo, which seems odd to me, as this ain't LS, it's betta!
Nightbreed True Mikeskid, But the icon colors Thanks for the comments all... I'm still waiting for yours Clove :P
Theo hmmm looking at Nightbreeds media center, i wondered if somebody knows how to disable the graphics on winamp... so the winamp is there, but there is no winamp window... so i can use only BBI butoons to operate it...
Nightbreed In the taskbar, just right click winamp's icon and uncheck the main window option. You can also add a button to do this, in the winamp config section of bbi. But I use multiamp. Simply because I can send multiple commands to other buttons. Multiamp takes care of winamps main window popup. What I do is, for example, is have play load multiamp, initiate play, then unload multiamp. but the play also sends messages to the stop, pause and other buttons to let the media center know it's been pressed.
anvil nothing like a little black pussy in a sea of piss yellow... This somehow WORKS and works well....good job. Now make me a sidebar and i'll send you some J?germeister.......

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