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my first one (spiderman) :: Gavo User Gavo
At first i thought sidebars were dumb,, a step backwards from minimalism... but, its a lot easier than right-clicking all the time.

so i made one. what do you think? 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Unit 00 

Nightbreed Nice Gavo. I think it's safe to say that sidebars are here to
Rainyknights i like the bar Gaco, nice and simple, I think it ads to the minimalism rather than detracts by making efficient use of the space you have, without otherwise cluttering your whole desktop.
darkmatter Good work, Gavo. At Nightbreed-> If you think sidebars are here to stay, wait until I finish scripting my KDE inspired system bar. (If I can ever get the paged quicklaunch to work)
Nightbreed I cant wait to see it darkmatter. I knew you were up to something from the calendar post ;) I agree RainyKnights. There are many different forms of minimal.
Theo a KDE systembar.... interesting.... and more, more i want more sidebars... :-)
Nightbreed I'll have to look at the paged quicklaunch and see if I can help figure a how to.
darkmatter That would be great, Nightbreed. :-) The idea for the launch area comes from the UI for LDE(X). That's the main reason why I still keep a current build set up on one of my accounts. If I can get it to work with bbi, the next step will be to start coding the plugin.(design first, code later)

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