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Sidetop :: frantic User frantic
At first I was suspicious to sidebars, but finally I too yielded to the bandwagon. It's true, now I have literally everything at the tip of my hand! No more right clicking for me, mister. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Sidetop 

NC-17 dude, that's sweet - where can i get the script??
infinitevalence Man with a bar like that who needs programs you can have it all built into your interface :P
jasonm way too small
cthu1hu sexeh. the world at your fingertips, and still enough room down at the left to run notepad or something.
clovemagic I dunno . . . does that thing autohide? :P
cthu1hu oh, and lmao
Pulsar Eek, I can see a piece of empty desktop, that's so 90's
doctorfrog Would you like to have some more desktop with your sidebar?
sicle9 thats more like a desktop BAR instead of a sidebar
frantic ...and the award for the best comment goes to...Pulsar! Put your hands together, ladies and gentleman!
Theo i hope you havent looked at screenshots from other shells like aston, litestep, or those samurize scripts because there are so many things on the desk that my, Nightbreeds a the sidebars of other people look so minimal .... compared to them

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