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MyDesk :: RainyKnights User RainyKnights
My current desktop, changed the sidebar a lil.......just havin fun w it though, seems like I gotta change it every few hours, Im never satisfied 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Mayan Dream by Tukan 

Rev ~nodnodnod!~ Exactly! That's why I haven't bothered configuring one for myself. ~l~ I'd never be satisfied with it .. and have to tweak it constantly and/or when I change styles (which is way to frequently, lol). Gah. I'm never satisfied. ~l~
Nightbreed You're sure to get the anit-sidebar commitee on you for that one.. ut oh.. is that a woman in your screenshot. oh damn, you're in trouble.. :P Nice setup Rainy. You will get to a point where changing the sidebar doesnt happen too much, it just takes a minute or two.

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