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walking meditation :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
I messed up the first post. and while i apologise for double posting i figured this would be easier then emailing me asking.
Enjoy if you like it.
Thanks guys. 
Shell blackbox
Style walking meditation by thewayofzen
Wallpaper ramona_pits_eddite_modded 

Fatman I don't think anyone'll mind the double post too much... just make sure you get it right next time. ;) Crackin' style. Not sure whether I like this one or satori [same author] better.
thewayofzen Thanks Fatman. There are some issues with this style and bbcolor that i have not been able to resolve. Apparently due to the colors in this style the edit boxes turn into a wierd blue. This can be eliminated by loading bbcolor to set things as they SHOULD be then unloading it and changing editboxes to white in the controlpanel/display properties, i apologise for that but no matter how i tried.. the style would suffer itself to save bbcolor. If anyone konws of a way to use bbcolor and have a WHITE background please let me know,
Fatman Just to confirm this isn't a problem with the style. It seems BBColor blends two of the style colours together. It's not just edit boxes that are affected, it seems to be listboxes and combo boxes... maybe all the common controls for all I know.
NC-17 well, seeing as BBColor v2 isn't officially released, not many people should be having this problem.
looper Wonderful style. I love good flat styles; this one is great.
sicle9 what about making a 3dc file of the settings you want and using the bbColor3dc plugin... wouldn't that fix the situation with the weird blue?
thewayofzen i dont use 3dc but it appears that if it would fix things i just might do that. thanks for the kind words. this was likely the funnest style of the three ive done so far.
Inauro Beautiful style, thewayofzen.
thewayofzen thanks inauro iit means alot to get compliiments from the guys who inspired me to get started. means alot

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