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Darkened Dreams :: Arturo Monterroso G. User Arturo Monterroso G.
Just my current desktop, I set it up today, first time I use blackbox on windows, what do you guys think? I stuck with the default Charcoal theme 'cause it works well with my current wallpaper (from I already made my own menu and installed some additional plugins. Woo!! 
Shell blackbox
Style Charcoal 
Wallpaper Over-Dream 

Arc Angel Love the wall, do you remember where exactly on DevArt you snagged it or who is responsible for the lovely piece of abstract dementia?
frantic good music choice (:
thewayozfzen i got that wall long time ago on its called overdream mayb u can get it there arc angel
AMG yes, I saw it on a few days ago, I'm sure you can get it there. Thanks for the comments guys!!
Inauro Yoink, here's a link.

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