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Workstation :: Pulsar Stargrave! User Pulsar Stargrave!
Walls and grey style can be downloaded here: link
or here:
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style workstation by Pulsar Stargrave!

cthu1hu This style looks familiar. *wink wink*
cthu1hu It looks like you took my style heliosphan, hastily switched the colors around with bbstylemaker and released it as your own. You even left my fluxbox tags intact. You could've credited it, at least. Not cool.
frantic Yeah, I saw that it was cthulhu's, but I was too lazy to actually compare so I didn't say anything (:
Sam Hane Everyone here needs to get over themselves. You act as if these "styles" are works of art or anything worth a crap. Face it folks, they simply aren't. You have a limited color palette to work with and even more limited gradients. I have seen few styles here that involve background imgaes created by the author, most of you steal those images from another site. That's real creativity. I've even seen some of my own backgrounds used here without even a single request . Now the people that work on the core or the plugins, heck even some of the scripts I've seen are awesome. That is real creativity and contribution. But these styles are meaningless dribble to grow the hell up and get over it. Youre pathetic.
AJ hmmm, I don't think that anyone is claiming that this is art per se. But it is a creative outlet and some poeple really do put a lot of thought and effort into these styles. Any creatiive expression is up to interpretation and scrutiny, and no this is not New York Gallery fare. But I wouldn't go quite as far as to call it meaningless. If it is a variation of someone elses style, the orignal author does deserve some credit. I don't think many pople mind if you alter their style if you give them the nod for inspiring your style in the first place
cthu1hu How is the color palette limited? The backgrounds aren't stolen -- this is a screenshot site, I normally do use my own backgrounds, my styles usually take up to a week to complete, your definition of creativity / art is purely subjective, and the styles are no less valid an art form than any other type of skinning or design. This is a rip, plain and simple. What's it to you anyway, you idiot.

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