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Smooth :: Reverend User Reverend
Nice, simple, maybe even elgant. Enjoy. 3dc info included at the end of the style file. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style * by Rev. Lucifer (
Wallpaper bsetroot 

Inauro Elegant indeed. Nice work, Rev.
Rev I do try, at any rate. ~chuckle~ Haven't whipped together anything that even remotely rivals any of your stuff, however. But I'm trying. ~L~
thewayofzen slick.. good stuff.
NC-17 bad choice for a filename.. .style is not there.
Rev Oops. Heh.
clovemagic Oooh, I like. This is by far my favorite of your styles so far, Rev. I love the antiqued effect.
crowmag Oh yeah, your best yet imho. I'm a sucker for earth tones meself :)
crowmag Hey!, tried to d/l it and it says "Page cannot be found" what the... ???
Rev Gah. Sorry for all the crap. I think I figured out the problem: link... There's already a style/screen called 'Smooth' ... At any rate, you can grab the style and accompanying 3dc file here: link

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