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dahlia :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
Another submission by me. I should be sleeping but its to warm. This is the result. A rather simple bevelled greyscale style that is soft and easy on the eyes. I have had this wall in my backgrounds folder forever and its about time it get used for something.
I think it turned out okay. Feel free to comment.
Thanks again.
Shell xoblite
Style dahlia by thewayofzen
Wallpaper white_world.gif found on somewhere 

Jesterace very sexy style :)
crucifix looks good, the style goes along with the background too, whith the different contrasts of colours. :D
w-yosh-c lovely
stanna i like it! its my new style.. although i did a minor change in the area of making it flat. :) beautiful work dude!
winder Good work! looks cool... I might eventually modify it a little to switch to a "rounder" gradient with no bevels, but it's pretty easy on the eyes, though...
qwilk Wallpaper -> link ...nice style btw!

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