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Khaki :: Inauro User Inauro
Playing around with some different colours. I'm not seriously expecting anyone to like this, but i hadn't posted for a while so... 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Khaki by Inauro
Wallpaper bsetroot 

Jesterace nice :) very classic looking
Inauro Hmm, there's something weird about this screenshot. The Handle on the unfocused window doesn't actually look the way it does in the screenshot, it should match the unfocused titlebar. Must have been a glitch when i took the screencap i guess. Glad you like the style thought, jesterace ^_^
thewayofzen man if only my gradients looked so good.. nice job!
crucifix very nice work, i like it :D
snkmchnb nice work as always
Pitkon Simple and lovely, Inauro. Again, good work! :)

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