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Sweet Disaster :: Reverend User Reverend
Haven't submitted anything in quite a while, so here you all go. Wall taken from DeviantArt can be found here: link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Sweet Disaster by Rev. Lucifer (
Wallpaper Her Sweet Disaster 

Rev Oh yeah. The 3dc file is included at the end of the style file.
ptyrider Nice! Now I wonder how you got those winamp controls and slider into the slit?
Rev That's simple. Just put the ampersand before the bbinterface string in your plugins.rc, then ctrl-right click on the interface you want slitted and go to the parent window options (if the script you want in the slit boasts a frame plus it's childs, that is) and select 'in slit.' Voila.
winder Nice color Scheme, rev :)
Inauro Very nice, Rev.
clovemagic Wow! I love these colors.
Rev Originally, as I was starting things out, al the white text was black.. but, as I was finishing up the style, I decided it made things seem to dark.. what do y'all think? Would it have been better with the black text?
winder I like the way it looks now.. it's more readable :)
ptyrider Aha! So you're not using bbslider and bbmultiamp (not slittable) but some interface scripts. Now, where to get those scripts? :)

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