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self-realization :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
This is an attempt to break away from a mold i seem to have fallen into. Its not ENTIRELY different but you will notice a few different bevels and the like. Not to mention the color choice is WAY darker than most styles you may have seen come from me in the past.
I hope it functions well for someone.
Shell xoblite
Style self-realization by thewayofzen
Wallpaper bsetroot 

NC-17 awesome.
Inauro Nice work, zen.
elektr1k Like NC-17 said; awesome.
blockhead Wow! Liking the interlaced bsetroot, nice! I love the darker look here.
winder Looks great! Although, if I may say so, the unfocused application bar looks somewhat out of place.... Love the colors, though, and it's very legible, which is always great! the contrast is nice...
thewayofzen thanks everyone. winder could u be more specific? i would like to ensure it doesnt happen a second time. I also wanted to mention to those who use 3dcc there is a really WEAK (i never used 3dcc before) 3dcc file at the end of the style. it may help some of you. perhaps not. but its there.
winder thewayofzen: I'm not sure I can be more specific... it's hard to explain... it just looks a little off to me... perhaps because, contrastered to the rest of the style, it looks a little "flat", in the sense that all the rest of the style has a lot of "body" to it.... while in this one the raised buttons over the simple bar looks ...humm... to simple, somehow. Sorry, can't explain it better :$
looper Your 3dc settings are pretty nice...not bad at all. :) One note: to get 3dc files to be loaded automatically with bbColor3dc, the comment at the end needs to contain "3dc" and "start", and there can't be any blank lines between that comment line and the first 3dc number. I found this out yesterday using the bbcolor3dc plugin for the first time. :)
thewayofzen thanks looper. ill take that into consideration next time i make a 3dcc file.
beloved i like the style, where can i find the calendar, time dock, and the dock on the bottom left, these are all cool additions id like to add to my cpu... thanks.
thewayofzen the calendar is theos bbcalendar the time is bbworldtime still in beta and the bottom left is bbpager. two of the three available here link
beloved awesome! thanks for the info, is bbworldtime going to be released in the near future?
thewayofzen u will have to ask qwilk about that one.
beloved what skinning app do you use?

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