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Blackbox Gray :: Raum User Raum
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper .... 

thewayofzen nice job. Do u mind linking me or explaining how u got your FOOBAR2000 to look like that. column ui? or format strings etc? would appreciate it .. thanks.
lightbulb Pretty. Your scrollbars are not standard. What other skinning utility besides Winskin/ Leanskin are you using? Would like a recommendation.
Wurzel Cool desktop... good taste in music aswell :) Would like some info on yer media player's skin aswell..
Inauro Nice work.
lightbulb Wurzel... no kidding, I liked the Squarepusher bit :)
freeb0rn looks like columns UI to me with a crapload of playlists
el capitan is it just me... or do i see an uprising of metalheads using blackbox... good to see bbox users like good music
lightbulb el capitan... *box users have good taste =)
Raum Skinning is just 3DCC and Blackbox's skinning engine, nothing else involved. For foobar I'm using columnsUI and c ustom colors / fonts.
Ja2ger Very good lokking but I think it has to be uncomfortable because of too much transparency.

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