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honour :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
This is it. finally!! BB2 is out. and its gonna rock you.. your mom.. your aunt jane.. and your second cousin twice removed.. you know the one with the lisp?

This style showcases but a handful of whats going on now!
Shell xoblite
Style honour by thewayofzen
Wallpaper who cares BB2 IS OUT!! 

qwilk ...X marks the spot at link:D
freeb0rn nice
qwilk ...ah dammit, it messed up my link! =] -> link
blockhead Love the colors, liove 'em. That wall is seriously disturbing though. :o I'll have to make a new wall just for this style :D
cynric Out of curiosity, what is that wp?
cynric Out of curiosity, what is that wp?
cynric Out of curiosity, what is that wp?
thewayofzen the wall is called About_Abuse_and_Divi
ne_by_cayaluna.jpg and its available here link
Inauro Very nice.
sMS very ncie style and nice wallpaper... i wil use it for sure... btw is there a link for that multiamp version? nice work again
pforg Great mood, this layout kicks ass.
auto wow awesome job on the style, love the color combo.
Skwire Gorgeous colour combo, WoZ. Love it.
MateoGWJ Dammit! I was going to post that WP with a theme. WOZ is way too quick.
thewayofzen dude post it. its wicked to see how others interpret the same wallpapers. Lets see it .. come on.. post.. right now.. u know u wanna.. im WAITINGGG....
MateoGWJ I'll post when it's done. ID done, not Duke Nukem done.

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