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Nature'sBeauty :: Herbalist User Herbalist
Well another one for my wife lol. One more to go and I'll make some for me :) I put the style in a .zip file along with the wall (I hope i can do this....If not let me know) 3dc included in the style. Enjoy!! 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper Tree'sandFlowers 

thewayofzen herbalist .zi pfiles are not supported. any image file can be uploaded as a screenshot and will then be changed to a .jpg and the only other files that are supported are the styles themselves but only as a plain old text file. iim not sure how u are including your 3dcc and u might already be doing it this way, but look at one of my recent styles and include it the exact same way and bbcolor3dcc will auto load it.. hope that helps. resubmit if u wish to make the style availalbe and i can reapprove it :)
Herbalist Ahh ok. Sorry then. The 3dc is included the style like you also do. The reason for the .zip file was the wallpaper was put in there. Sorry though won't happen again.
thewayofzen no need to apologise :) i did it too with the first style i ever posted here. its not a bad thing at all. just an inconvenience to you :) nice work btw.
Herbalist Thanks

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