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TimeHeals :: Herbalist User Herbalist
OK my last "girly" style for a while :) My wife saw this Wall and wanted a style for it....So here it is. 3dc included if any women want it lol. More "Manly" styles to come :) I wasn't going to submit it but my wife wanted me to....Things we do for Love. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style TimeHeals by Herbalist
Wallpaper ThePast 

MrCrowley omg its pink :O
blockhead It's so hard to make a good pink style but you have managed to pull it off. Good job man! I like it. Nice wall also.
blockhead ermm, one little niggle. I could not use your style as-is. You've got to put "#" in front of every hex color specification. So "CCCCCC" becomes #cccccc". Also, do you have alink to the wall? There was not a link in the style, thanks.
Herbalist linkto the wall. I'm not sure where my wife got it from but there you go. Sorry I didn't know about the #, I'll do that from now on.....thanks.
sysboo herb, that is sick! Its like a cotton candy explosion at a state fair, drenched in perfume. I think I might vomit. Good job though!
Herbalist LOL......Thanks

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