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h.r. giger :: juztin User juztin
my second submission...dedicated to the wonderful artwork of H.R. Giger. Giger wallpaper and giger winamp skin...i had a giger trillian skin but it was ugly as fuck, so i used one called Dark Bevel. would love to hear some feedback!  
Shell blackbox
Style wizzynoise by dubox 
Wallpaper The Spell 1 - by H.R. Giger 

clovemagic Nice, simple style. The colors in the wall are so great, I'd love to see you pick up some of that teal in the style, maybe instead of the red.
clovemagic Oops. I just realized you're asking for feedback on the desktop , not the style itself. The style is great. The wallpaper is great. But I'd probably use a different style with this wall. Welcome to crackmonkey, btw.
thewayofzen i likely would have used a different style with this wall as well. its a little too 3 dimensional for a flat style in my opinion.. like the layout of the desktop though .. welcome aboard.. u ever decide u wanna take a crack at making your own styles let me know if i can help. id be happy to if i can!
juztin thewayofzen, i would loooove to learn how to make my own styles...i'm gonna email you about it :)

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