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Console :: Juztin User Juztin
this is my third's the first style i've ever written. was aiming at a simplistic, console/terminal look (gettin back to the *nix basics)... 
Shell blackbox
Style console by juztin
Wallpaper girl - by juztin 

thewayofzen dude nice job for a first attempt. im hoping tonite that i will be able to find my "style tutorial" that i wrote for one of the #bb4win guys a while back.. if i cant expect a new version in your mail today or tomorrow.. if u wanna hack up any of my styles to play with what things do and such in the meantime go ahead and butcher away. :) the tutorial itself will give u defs for everything u need to know
juztin thanks! if you look real close, the wallpaper on the right side of the girl logo is a little blotched...its fixed on my desktop now, but i didn't notice it until after i uploaded, and i didn't wanna double submit :P oops! hehe
Theo you should change the font color so that the calendar text is alsho green... in this setting you currently use the color is taken from the toolbar.textColor: but i looked into the console stylefile and you dont have this value defined... so thats why its white...
juztin i did....after you told me how on the loose screws forum. thanks! :)

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