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okayaki :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
latest by me. 3dcc included. iits kinda plain but it looks nice .. blah. Enjoy! -Zen 
Shell xoblite
Style okayaki by thewayofzen
Wallpaper Green_Glass_Box_Meeting_by_chrishillman.jpg devart 

sMs .... i dunno.. but those 2 last submissions by u.. well i think they r ur best.... mmmm maybe the wallappaper choice makes the difference.... i dunnno.. but i love them
ser VI Nice really
juztin dope!
snkmchnb well, as you said, plain.. but you've got the colors, even with the 3dcc, down pact.
sMs wallpaper link?
tellya link
sMs and thanx heere
cthu1hu This one looks a lot less muddy than your styles usually do. Still, too... busy. Maybe I just don't like colors grabbed from walls without any thought of color theory or overall usability. And your 3dc's dark text on a dark background is terrible.
thewayofzen thats kinda funny. while i will agree with the text being dark in some points .. i find your comments a little ridiculous considering i have already gotten 3 emails praising this style.. not to mention the average 4-6 emails a week i get on most other styles i end up releasing. lookin to me like you are in the minority here bud.. thanks for coming out though.. now get back where u came from.
Fatman Dammit, now I have to decide between aki and okayaki. :/ I guess this is what the BBStyle plugin was written for.
cthu1hu Don't take criticism too well, eh? You're the narcissistic antithesis of Zen.
thewayofzen its not that i dont take criticism well i think you could be a little mor tactful in your delivery. this isnt the first time you and i have butted heads and honestly id be surprised at this rate if its the last. i honestly just think that perhaps.. just a little.. you are kinda full of yourself in your own narcissistic way. but whatever dude.
cthu1hu This from mr. self-referential. I just think you've spearheaded a quasi-movement which has brought this site down to the depths of mediocrity. You are the Anti-Christ.
thewayofzen *sigh*
Rev. All right, children. Don't make me take off my belt.
sMs lol ur belt... nice one... carefulll El'Critic want join this conversation -_-

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