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drivey :: doctorfrog User doctorfrog
My first no-dimensional style. Inspired by drivey tech demo available at link . Wallpaper is a screenshot taken from the tech demo, then edited in Gimp.

The demo itself was inspirational, as it looks like it was carved entirely out of truetype fonts. The screenshot itself could pass for a very complex wingding.

Wall available at link . 3dc included, with plain bsetroot background in case you don't dig the wall. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style drivey by doctorfrog

el capitan looks good, dont see too much purple around these parts. keep it up frogmasterblaster
Herbalist Very cool. A job well done.
Arc Angel Cool idea with the menus and highlight - I like it
doctorfrog Thanks, all!
snkmchnb yeah, i'm really diggin' this style.
crowmag I second Arc Angel's remarks about the menu, neat idea! I like to have as many dark styles on hand as possible, I can only take so much retna burn.
clovemagic I LOVE it.
blockhead Wow. This is cool.
juztin very cool, kinda reminds me of pole position on atari :)

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