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Disdain :: snkmchnb User snkmchnb
thought i would throw my interpretation of this wall up..  
Shell xoblite
Style Disdain by snkmchnb (
Wallpaper Spike by Pyros @ 

thewayofzen as always.. snkmchnb ftw! ten times the style as the last one posted for this wall.. which says alot cause cthu1hu has his shit together!
skwire Wooo...murky...nice, snack.
crowmag Walls like this confuse the hell out of me. Wonderful colors but, I just don't know where to begin because there is too much going on color-wise to make a decision. Great interpretation snk!
cthu1hu Thanks zen. And another nice style snk. I don't know why, but I like this wall a lot. Not that it's easy to make a style for. I just like browns now for some reason...

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