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bbDockPager :: Chefken User Chefken
Just wanted to show off with this Dock i've put together. The Task-IconBoxes combine the functions of bbLeanbar and bbPager. Switching Workspace shows new IB (bbOWC), Tray stays at end.
Style Doesn't skin window-titlebar because I use Actual window manager.
I do use bbLeanskin with all windows excluded, cause it alters the height of the titlebar buttons, not the width.
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style blue dark by Chrisje

schmots How do you do that sidways window.. and is that whole bottem bar just bbleanbar?
chefken The 3D-Flip on windows is handled by a japanese App called Madotate. Google to find a download link. Make sure you download the English-version, unless your Japanese of course.. The Bar at the bottom is a combination of BBInterface and bbIconBox both Slitted. I use BBI-scripts called by bbOWC to show and hide the IconBoxes. I don't use bbLeanBar cause this option is much more flexible.
Tres`ni Combined your two screenshots under the original submission, then deleted it's files.. Go team Tres`ni! Anyway, one screenshot now ;)
Thanks!! Thanks a lot, sorry to caused you any trouble. I always screw things up the first time round!
thewayofzen only when u click the thumbnail for bigger image you get a 404
Tres`ni well I'll be..
clone How do you make the button match the style you use?

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