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posix :: freeb0rn User freeb0rn
I've been sitting on this (and a handful of other styles) for weeks now. I hope you like. 
Shell xoblite
Wallpaper don't remember. by digitalshock@deviantart 

freeb0rn Apparently my style upload didn't work. Get it here: link
auto Reminds me of a style m3g would make, love the touch of green on the menu.
sMs is it me or i see the fonts (from the menu) like raised ? nice effect anyway
clovemagic sMs: I think that's xoblite. I wish BBlean also had that feature. Very nice and elegant style, freeborn. I too like the green in the menus.
freeb0rn That's xoblite's font-shading, yes.
sMs i c... but why it does not make the same effect for the toolbar... systembar and the slit?? it only works for the menu?? or my eyes r playing with my head....
freeb0rn plugins don't support it by default (so you won't see it in the slit) it SHOULD be happening in the toolbar but you probably can't see it due to the fontcolor/toolbargra
M4uR1g10 kinda nice!
beloved can i get a link to the wall please?

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