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leaflady :: snapcase User snapcase
hope somebody likes this. i made it to match the wallpaper. bblean latest stuff with the new iconbox and stuff.  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style leaflady by unknown
Wallpaper deviant art image name in style file 

sMs the icons dont match with the style and wallpaper... =) besides that.. is ok
snapcase take it up with grishka he designed the plugin
doctorfrog actually, snap, you can adjust the hue and saturation of those icons so they match, if it suits you.
sMs thats nice... the saturation thing.. ,,,, i will try it out..
snapcase doctorfrog: thanks. i noticed those settings when i played with iconbox a little. the truth of the matter was i decided not to.. simply because it looked to me like the first time the plugin was featured in a screenie (i might be wrong) and i wanted to show it in its default configuration.

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