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Lose :: Pitkon User Pitkon
This is a new sidebar, based on Alexandrie's Mediastep for Litestep Sidebar, permission pending. The sidebar includes style setter and wallpaper setter and will be ready for release real soon. The wallpaper is "Lose" by TPM77 link with the artist's permission. Get the style, the wallpaper, and the permission from link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style lose by pitkon
Wallpaper Lose by TPM77 

M4uR1g10 Great sidebar...however i prefer the one seen in Bilog Supreme style. But since u give me 50$ to say that this is better then the previous i have to say: "THIS IS THE GREATEST SIDEBAR I'VE EVER SEEEEEEN!!!" ;)
Pitkon Lmao, m4u... No, I can't bribe u... I'm out of money atm cause I bribed everyone else... Lol. The sidebar for Bilog is quite different. This is for another kind of styles altogether. Thanx for the comment - tho I didn't bribe u, after all... :D
M4uR1g10 ok ok u didnt bribe me ok ok...(it will remain a secret between you and me forever...)
Pitkon Damn, those 50 $ included total discretion... Reread ur contract...
crowmag Another fine style Pitkon! btw... about not being able to run bbIconBox, I too am running XP Pro but on a P4 (2.8 ASUS P4P800). When I first loaded bbIconBox it crashed blackbox.exe/bbLean 1.13b6 but the culprit was a TSR I'm running - MasterYourWindows, It popped up it's configure window when bbIconBox loaded and poof!. It only did it the first time and has run fine since even after a reboot to check. You may want to unload your tray app's to see if something is incompatable - just a guess ~shrugs~.
Pitkon Thanx so much for the comment, crow! Thanx for the tip, too... Gonna try it right away and let u know... ~bows gratefully~
Pitkon Retried without unloading any TSR and worked like a dream... Go figure... Lol. Thanx, anyway!
clovemagic Splendid! You're an inspiration, Pitkon.
freeb0rn Inspiration? Pfft. He's just old, and several things come with age: wisdom, droopy skin, and--perhaps--a few good ideas. Pitkon, though, has a Greekman's luck to boot and got a lot of good ideas. :) Thaumasia douleia patrioti!
Pitkon Clove: Thanx, u humble me. Freeborn: Don't pay attention to him, guys, he's young and jealous and --perhaps-- a little uninspired... :D But he's a compatriot and I forgive his shortcomings... Efharisto poly, kale mou Isidore!

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