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Clean Blackbox :: RedEliTe User RedEliTe
Thanks to Alex Popa for making the CleanAMP winamp skin. If it wasnt for him I wouldn't make this style. This is my first stab at using color3dc so you can get rid of the 3dc text in the style file if you don't like it. This is also my first time using bbInterface and its getting on my last nerve with the 'load plugin' feature. But let me know what you think about this style. You can get the style file here with the backround -> link

Thanks, RedEliTe 
Shell BBLC\BBLean

Kaloth Hi, great style I love the colours. Just wondering why the background in the zip is in black and white, could you give me a green version? :)
Kaloth Oh, and the link was a bit wrong. Here is the fixed one -> here
RedEliTe well.... when you install the style it automatically cahnges the color of the background... put the background in blackbox/backgrounds and load the style and you will see... oh and sorry for the 'miss-link'... :D
deancoGraphics What's the name of the Winamp skin?
DeancoGraphics DUH!, I guess I didn't read....
Kaloth RedEliTe: Ah, ok so I need color3dc to use the background then?
sMs me like it =D
RedEliTe Kaloth: yeh just install the plugin and the background will be green

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