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Meditation :: M4uR1g10 User M4uR1g10
Just my first attemp to create a style from scratch without the help of a gentle plz.. :D 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Meditation by M4uR1g10
Wallpaper bsetroot generated 

Pitkon One of the best styles I've seen lately... Kudos!
M4uR1g10 Thanks Pitkon!!! From now I will try to make more styles without the help of a's kinda hard but very very pleasant when u get a good result.
crowmag Nice style M4uR1g10. Me likes the darkness :)
Inauro Really nice work.
sMs lol hard... ey marugio... about urr icons.. did u change the color for each one? or that is bbicon plugin??
sMs about ur style... this is ur best style... u should keep doing ur styles without wallpaper... thumbs up
sMs and the wallpaper does not help in the creatning of a style... it complicates it
sMs BTW is that ur picture? wou;ld be very intetrresting knowing everybody in here ... (with pictures)
M4uR1g10 Oh my God!!! Now I understand sMs...You love meeeeeeeeeeee!!! eheheh...btw...thank
s alot for your appreciations...the icons are greyscaled via hue/saturation with the relative bbInterface option, no bbIcon used...and finally...YES..the one in the picture it's meeeee :D see ya!!!
sMs i didnt know bbinterface had that feature .... ,, and thats not u.. thats ur eyes lol
M4uR1g10 eheh u're right...but the eyes are the mirror of the i'm my eyes...ahhaha

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