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AloneInTheNight :: lyrae User lyrae
Get the wall at link!! 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style aloneinthenight by lyrae
Wallpaper Cant Sleep 

clovemagic Oh my gosh, this style is so beautiful. I considered using this wall myself, but I was afraid it would be too dark. You interpreted it beautifully. And your sidebar is rockin'.
Arc Angel Is that a new version of sysmon or a cleverly skinned sysmeter?
Pitkon The style colors don't really match with the wall, but the style is fantastic. And Lyrae always plays around with sidebar elements and stuff - one more reason she should be applauded...
lyrae Thanks, everyone. Arc Angel: it is not a new version of sysmon or sysmeter... it is Samurize. the colors of the wall different to my styles on your desktop?? I thought it matches perfectly..maybe my eyes are playing tricks!!
Inauro I also thought of making a style using this wallpaper. You've done a great job with the colours and mood, Lyrae. Really nice work.
snkmchnb i agree with the above ^
Theo great desktop.. as allways
lyrae Thanks, all.

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