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SidebarHeaven :: SpyderBlade User SpyderBlade
My first attempt at a sidebar design ... and it turned out useful. This is mostly a rip of Nightbreed's excellent work -> link

Wish BB had iconfied menus (or at least the option for it), so far the menus on the bot_right are just plain text which i don't love. BBSysmeters have a transparant bbinterface label on top to allow for drive-click-to-open. Top two icons open bbToDo and my alarm soft (Task scheduler :-P )

Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style carbon_default by nc17 (modified a \'lil) 
Wallpaper VodkaOrange1280.jpg 

Pitkon Excellent sidebar! And u can create ur own menus, using bbi and any grafix stuff u like! :)
lyrae Love the sidebar! Well done.
SpyderBlade Pikton-> bbi works but it is too much trouble to add new stuff quickly.. and it doesn't do file names well either (even with the drop scripts). See that quick launch below? that is a bbiconbox in a bbi frame that goes visible/invisible. Problem is that multiple copies of bbiconbox don't jive and it doesn't do text either... I thought i had found a solution by having bbiconbox do multiple folders...and setting the transparency. But turns out I can't get a clicked event out of bbiconbox to hide the frame. Oh and i forgot to credit the icons to Mattahan the author of gant and etc. Also for the smooth series ones.
Pitkon A very quick way to work with bbi is clone this control. And u just wait a bit for the next build of bbi. I believe some of the transparency probs will be solved... Finally, u can work with bbicons instead of bbixonbox :)
clovemagic Great sidebar, Spy. It's very similar to one I had going a while back ;). I can relate to your struggles with creating a harmonious menage between bbi, bbicons, and bbiconbox. I haven't quite got it worked out yet, but I'll keep trying. Maybe Pitkon is sharing a prophecy about the next build of bbi that will make it easier? ;D
Pitkon Just wishful thinkin, clove... Just wishful thinkin :)

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