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Bliss :: snkmchnb User snkmchnb
Wallpaper: Sunset Bliss II by kalphegor: link 
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Style Bliss by snkmchnb (
Wallpaper wallpaper: Sunset Bliss II by kalphegor 

thewayofzen PEW PEW!! (nice job PEW! )
skwire Vibrant, snack. Nice.
Pitkon Great use of greens!
clovemagic I'm really digging this various states of Bliss series you've got going on. I hope you'll keep it going. Btw, what's up with Miranda looking so Lunafied? (Maybe it's symbolic of something, hehe.) Zen: What is "PEW"?
snkmchnb that was actually done by mistake.. i guess that's what i get for not reviewing the screenie before i upload it.. i'll fix it later.
elricfate Zen's a Tie Fighter. :-)
snkmchnb clovemagic: if you're referring to the bliss series as the landscape ones i've been doing, i definitely keeping those going. as i look back on it, the landscape wall based styles i've done seem to be my favorite. more to come..
lyrae I also had a style named blisslink and I would appreciate it if you change the name. Nice style by the way.
snkmchnb lyrae: there is no need for me to change the name of the style. there are many styles that have the same name by different authors.
lyrae Oh, problems

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