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Skintag 3 :: Pitkon User Pitkon
OK, I got permission for this, gonna upload it to devart in a coupla days and, of course, I will upload the style here as well... 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Skintag3 by Pitkon 
Wallpaper Skintag by fathom 

Nightbreed Totaly rockin' dude... I need that link to your Devart sute again too
Pitkon Sure thing, Gary. My page is link and ur amp was uploaded to link And thanx!
Malnilion My God, Pitkon. That's just awesome. /me thinks you're using some sort of background pictures to make that look so cool.
Pitkon Thanx, Malnilion! I AM using pictures for bbi images - that's why I need permission from various parties. But it's 100 % workable scripts, believe me... :)
Pitkon For instance, the frame on the left (the sidebar) is made up of one bmp and various child buttons/switches/lab
els. They r all locked and working together. The vartical slim bar on the right is another frame to "nest" the wharf and some plugins. It just looks prettier this way, as u noticed ;p
clovemagic The sidebar on the right sort of reminds me of the classic Thredz theme by dangeruss and thredz. (I used that Hoverdesk theme for ages. Hmmm- I just realized how long I've been doing this customization thing.) This is freakin' awesome, Pitkon. You rock.
Pitkon Thanx so much, clove! I used Thredz in Litestep and I have dangeruss' permission to port it to Blackbox, so... Hope u will be using THAT Blackbox theme for ages... :D

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