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Blackcomb :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
Another one of my all time favorite themes. Blackcomb has always been a nice gradient shade of blue and black. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Blackcomb by Gary Jones

Pitkon I agree, it IS a nice gradient. And I see that ur task/sidebar is maturing... lol. What do u call it, btw? Great job, Gary....
Arc Angel Just when I was looking for a new style and this sweetness comes along. Wallpaper for this little gem can be found link
Nightbreed Thanks Pitkon.. Thanks for the link Arc... I have no idea what I call it.. I just call it a menu.. lmao
pepe sanchez hello I'm me
Pitkon Just realized how much this bar of urs looks like bbleanvertical... :)
NightBreed That's what I thought too Pitkon. I wanted to use that plugin with this script, but I kept having margin issues :S..
Pitkon Knowing u, I'm sure u will solve the issues... :D
suli6969 where can I get this menu sidebar thingy it looks interresting.
Nightbreed You cant get it anywhere at the moment, I hadn't uploaded it :-P
xybre Go to your config menu/misc/desktop margins. Make sure they're not set to auto and that should solve bbLeanBar_V's margin issues..

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