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decay :: ArthurDent User ArthurDent
I've been trying to find new color combinations lately. I'm not 100% sure about this one yet, but I'm trying it out. The pic on the screenshot was the color inspiration.

I think the menu has a neat look. 
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Style decay by ArthurDent
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Pitkon I'm not sure if this color combination works on this background. Yeah, the menu IS neat, but would look better on a brownish back... Just my humble opinion...
clovemagic I have to agree with Pitkon on this. The menu is very nice, but I don't care for the blues in combination with the brown. I think you may have two separate themes here. :-D
clovemagic Since you're experimenting, you might also try moving the colors around. For example, add some blue accents to the menu and some brown to the window elements. Just one more option. Have fun!
ArthurDent Yeah the color combo is a bit weird.. I just liked the pic and started messing with it. I've been using the "color and colors" photo pool on for ideas on colors... this was the first result.
clovemagic Your inspiration photo is beautiful. I think I would try making the autumn leaf colors the primary colors of the style and add just some blue accents here and there with text colors or border colors (if you want to experiment with "new syntax" bordered elements, for example.) I really, really like the bevels on the menu, btw, and bravo for trying new combinations.

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