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x360 :: M4uR1g10 User M4uR1g10
A style dedicated to the new fresh monster console by Microsoft. Enjoy!!

Wallpaper here: link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style x360 by M4uR1g10
Wallpaper x360 

Pitkon Great colors!
sMs yeah nice colors... looks like the sublime style but ligther... very nice ... mmm me no like the wallpaper =x
qwilk Nice style, not so hot for the console... :P
captain a monster console that overheats if you dont put the effin power supply on a pedestal. a monster console that can't even play quake4 as good as a pc. the style is nice... the console however never once caught my eye as something that could beat out sony in the console market. especially considering they kinda rushed it to beat sony to the punch in the first place.
snkmchnb excelent use of the wall with the style, works really well :)

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