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Wingless :: Pitkon User Pitkon
I got permission from deaddreamer, one of the community's legendary artists/skinners/themers to use his works for Blackbox styles, and I am grateful to him. This is the first of a long series.. 3DCC configuration included... Get the wall, the style and the permission package from link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Wingless2 by pitkon (,,
Wallpaper Central Industrial by deaddreamer 

clovemagic Deaddreamer has long been one of my favorite artists. The wall is a brilliant choice and your style compliments it perfectly.
Pitkon Thanx, Clove! He is one of my favs too... Preparing a Nijikon Fitchi style with deaddreamers' wall and jaffo's grafix... :)
freeb0rn I think the window-styling is absolutely gorgeous. Great work pit.
Nightbreed Nice style Pete.. Only issue I have with it is the menu's left side drowns out the text. But I like the industrial metal feel of it.
Pitkon freeb0rn: Thanx a lot, it's quite a compliment :) Gary: That's why the text is right-aligned. I wanted the menu to blend into the background... Thanx! :D
Nightbreed It blended nicely.. I really liked that effect.. Maybe we should put in for a color and colorTo for text.. haha
Pitkon Lmao, Gary... I think we should also add a AlmostColorTo command... :D
Nightbreed while we're at it, how about an "Opps I did it again Color"

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