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Blackbox RuleZzz :: Purple User Purple
Based on the "bb" wallpaper by unknown artist..
please undersign the guy if you know his name..

Wallpaper link / link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper bb 

ima robot link
purple well he should write that he cripled the wallpaper a little bit..
nprodigy eh, I dont think so
Nightbreed And how exactly did he cripple the wallpaper? This should be
tellya only thing I can see different with the wallpaper is that zen's image looks cropped and resized? The bottom dark section with "The Secret Within" isn't there. Possibly Purple is meaning cropped not crippled. Both are nice styles either way.
Nightbreed ah! Your explanation makes more sense Tellya...
thewayofzen the link in the style was to the original wall. i used a modded version in my screenshot which honestly means NOTHING. purple dude you need to stop trying to deflect all the comments towards your behavior by trying to toss it on others. The style i made.. when it was released.. contained a direct link to the original deviation as it was seen on DEVIANT ART.. which to be quite frank.. is the SAME IMAGE you are using. The author.. for one reason or another has removed it.. so.. honestly.. i didnt do ANYTHING taht required anymore then i already did. NEXT COMMENT!
thewayofzen correction. i cant paste .. the link.. link is still valid for the original wallpaper. ill shut up now. PEW!
purple hey zen i just say that you should write that the wall is modified.. no hard feelings:)
thewayofzen i understood what u were saying. but i see no need to considering im not distrubuting a modified version of the wall.. im linking to the unmodified originall... either way.. whatever works.
purple sorry zen.. missunderstanding happened;)

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