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Thredz for Blackbox :: Pitkon User Pitkon
This is going to be my most ambitious work till now :) It's the famous Thredz theme by dangeruss, ported to Blackbox, with the Man's permission. The screenie is just the beginning, since lots of stuff are going to be added in there. This is actually not a style but a whole theme, since the user will have to use specific rcs for the various plugins, plus graphix and other stuff I will include in the final package. Xoblite has already a built-in structure to accomodate something like this, tho my theme will be clone-independent. (The way things are going, very soon we will be having a Blackbox Installer a la Litestep (more functional, I hope)). I really love how the wharf (not shown) is turning out, with its own Thredz icons based on Codename2, the oldie but goodie program launcher. Some of the elements shown are grafix, part of the wallpaper, others are bbi elements, but everything has its own function. The end result will be somewhat different... 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Thredz 
Wallpaper Thredz by Dangeruss 

ser VI things are going good.
serVI Pitkon always surprising
Pitkon Lol... There are lots of resources for themes out there... Thanx, Ser! :)
silverspider so this is what you have been busy hiding away with :lol: I cant wait to see the finished product. Magic Pete :hug:
Nightbreed Damn man... Nice theme.. Woulda said style but that's an understatement :P lol... btw, tcl4bb could act as your installer. Just create a tcl4bb script that actually builds all the elements and loads the individual plugins. Quite abit of my plugin loads and bbi scripts have been moved to tcl ones. If need be we can start a new thread in the forum dedicated to building tcl scripts that build themes.
Pitkon Gilly: Thanx so much! I can't wait myself... :rofl: Gary: That's a damn good idea, man! I mean about the thread. But I was thinking of a regular installer, tho this would mean some standards style authors/themers will have to adher to. And, if I remember correctly, that's how problems started with Litestep... One of the reasons I always used standalone themes... :D
clovemagic OMG, Pete, Thredz is my all time favorite theme!!! I used the Hoverdesk theme by Dangeruss forever. I can't believe what you're doing with this. ::big hugs::
Nightbreed This was one of my main reasons for discussing the setup of a bbi script project. Anyway, this would best be descussed in the forum. Since you're a moderator, I'd say you go on and set up the thread and put it in it's proper place. It may or may not end up being a descussion on a development level. So let's get it going :P lol
Pitkon Clove: My fav too! Was impossible to do before bbi or without dangeruss carte blanche, but I think I'm on the right track. Breed: U can set up a thread urself, u know :) After all, tcl is ur baby idea - the honors have to be urs! :D
lyrae That is simply amazing!! Thredz was one of my favourtie from years ago.
purple hey pete,can u post link for bblean M.. i'd give it a try;)
Pitkon lyrae: Hope it will come out right; I have some novelties in mind... purple: Sure: link Remember to add [volume] (volume) in ur menu.rc between two [nop] . Add an [end] after the second [nop] if it's the last item in ur rc...
purple tznxx pete..
Pitkon Anytime, Goran :)
purple Hey Pete,thnx for bbMod but now i have a "large" problem..:) is there any way to slim this menu a little bit to be as my old one..thin,just with glyphs in it,but to keep the awesome volume control feature in the bottom of it?? i tried the "maximal menu width" option for the first time in my life and i didnt like it so that option is out of question.. any other suggestions..??help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Nightbreed Goran: you can always create a seperate menu with just the slider and call it a seperate mouse button. Define that click in the extensions.rc file
Pitkon Sure, Goran. Bring up the menu and then go to Blacbox\Configurati
on\Menus\Maximal Width. Use the minus symbol till u get it to the desired size :)
Pitkon Oops... Just read the rest of the ur comment... lol. Sorry. Do what Breed suggests :)
purple yes,i could do that but i really like this one.. to stay in main menu just under all glyphs.. what a dissapointment.. im really confused now.. i want to keep this slider but if i do the menu will look too fat.. you'll understand me.. oh,why someone dont show up and make blackbox to be total perfect.. i'd give and cash as well just to set it up and run as i want..
Pitkon Goran, I can't understand why the maximal menu width didn't work for u. What exactly did u want? Will take a look at a screenie of urs...
Pitkon OK, just took a look. I can't see the problem here. Some of my menus are slimmer than urs... WITH the volume bar. What exactly do u need?
purple check it.. and i cant shrink all my menu.. than only main menu looks good but startmand other menus dont see properly.. their header is too short.. link
Pitkon Just saw them, can;t see the problem. U mean the titles are short? Why don't u use different font sizes? And the size of all the submenus is the same. Maybe I still don't get it...
purple ok,i'll draw it to you:) 1) Fat Menu - link 2) Slim Menu - link Can i put the Volume slider into this Slim Menu but still to keep the header size of menu text.. the real question is.. can i resize Volume Slider to put it in the slim menu without any losses?thnxx
Pitkon Hmmm... I think I know what u mean now... OK, make the menu as slim as u need using the maximal width option. Then, change the size and the width of the font ot the TITLE in the style till u get what u want. (If by header u mean menu title, that is). U can use extensions.rc for a universal, permanent change. How is that?
purple yuck,now is even worse..:/ that was all posibilities i asume?? there is no hope i think:/ i think that this option for "volume slider" resizing would be nice to implement in next build if any is planed tho.. anyway,thnxx for help,nothing from my cool menu for now:/
Pitkon Even worse? Can't imagine how can that be... But I guess u r looking for something different than I am ... U r very welcome, anyway...
purple i just wanted to put that cool slider in my thin menu but as i see "no can do".. maybe someday someone noticed the same thing and make his own..till than "so long bbleanM":/
Blueberry purple was talking about the Volume controls inability to change size thus making their menu much wider than desired. If you look at the menu images they want the slim menu with the volume bar in it. Anyways... that pile of stuff on the right, most of that is part of the wallpaper? and everything on top of it is something like Samurize?

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