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MCV Series :: nightbreed User nightbreed
I've decided to do another series based on another Styler toobar button set. Full details and styles can be downloaded here: link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style MCV All 
Wallpaper Various 

Pitkon Great work as usual, Gary... And I simply LOVE those "various" walls :D
Nightbreed Thanks Pitkon... I love bsetroot color matching.. lol
Pitkon I agree... Only it doesn't go too well with all kinds of walls. Is most impessive with cartoon-quality stuff like the ones u so wisely chose...
skwire Utterly handsome and consistent. Having four colours to choose from is icing on the cake. Great stuff, NB.
zoidbergslo wow all four of them looks really good.
Delano Slick!
Nightbreed Thanks much everyone :D

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