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ChosenOS :: nightbreed User nightbreed
I figured if Pete can do a theme based on "Thredz" I would do on based on "ChosenOS". There's a few more elements left to be done. Such as the start menu. This one is Based on the HVD version here link:// All elements are bblean and various plugins. :>  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style ChosenOS 
Wallpaper ChosenOS 

Pitkon I have used Chosen OS too, Gary, and this is nothing short of excellent! We on the right track for complete themes - which, imho, is where Blackbox for Windows is heading...
Nightbreed Thanks Pete ... to be honest.. Chosen was one of my favorite themes back in the day... I really had no intention of finishing this one... I got bored with it halfway through but, I hate leaving things incomplete... ha! cept maybe my dates... :D
Pitkon Lol, Gary... I have about 2,000 themes u can peek at if u ever get REALLY bored with this one... I will gladly shar...
enginecamel Nice, really nice, I love this shit.
Nightbreed thanks enginecamel

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