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Watching :: silverspider User silverspider
Well guys and gals, here's my first submission, the blurb is from my readme file in the zip.

I'd be grateful if any one can let me know if I made any boobies with it. :)

Oh it has the 3dcc included and you will need bsetroot as the wall has a lower and upper boarder colour.

Watching is a Blackbox style based on my image "The Watchers" (Gillian Rogers at


Its all my own work hehehehehehe so I can take all the credit hehehehehehehe but it must be said that I could not have

created this theme without the tireless help of pitkon (link) in getting me up and running

with Blackbox. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Watching by silverspider
Wallpaper The Watchers by me 

Pitkon Wow, Gilly, I had the pleasure of approving ur very first style here - and what a style it is! Excellent colors, great wall, beautiful use of bbi elements. I can't fav this here, but it's awesome work... Keep it up! :D
silverspider thank you my dear friend - arrghgh I just spotted the style file isnt showing in the style field or it is cos i uploaded it I cant see it but everyone else can?
Nightbreed Very nice style.... Guess it's time I posted an updated bbwinamp :D
Pitkon No, Gilly, u r right, there is something wrong with the beginning of ur style file, methinks... Gotta call supersnk to the rescue... And, yes, the bbwinamp u r using is ^ ^ Nightbreed's.
silverspider Opps :lol: Thanks Nightbreed for the bbwinamp :D - I love it :D
Nightbreed Welcomed Gillian... Nice seeing it in screenshots :D
circa1974 this no style upload issue has been mentioned before. it tends to be a result of not having the proper about information at the top of the style. could this be the problem here? apparently if you do not include the information at the beginning of the style that is used in your menus for the "ABOUT STYLE" selection.. it fails to upload.. it has been happening more frequently now with the addition of blackbox for nix styles created by the likes of blockhead and wickedlester because there is no ABOUT STYLE option in the menus for bbnix. It might appear that the engine here at boxshots requires it for proper identification as a style? then again what do i know.
silverspider Thanks Nightbreed
silverspider Hi circa1974, so what would be the correct "About Style" info and how does one write it - as this one has the following: ! -- info -- Watching Gillian Rogers (link Dec 11, 2005 style.credits: style.comments: based on the wallpaper "The Watchers" by Gillian Rogers (link I wouldnt know that it has been mentioned before as I am new here so I would be very greatful for all help. Thanks :)
silverspider ahh I wouldnt be because I have uploaded it as a rar file with the wall included - If thats the problem it can be downloaded from here link Sorry for causing problems guys and gals
Nightbreed lol... those darn rar files... wonder if ya rename a rar file to a style... nm :-p
circa1974 i would theorize that it wouldnt work.. simply becuase the binary format would not contain the about info that is needed by the boxshots backend to allow the proper upload.. or something like that.
silverspider ok guys :D yoo hoo im here :lol: so in the future I just upload the style and load the wallpaper elsewhere or shall i just link to my account at DA where it can be downloaded all together?
clovemagic Hi there, silverspider, and welcome to our little community. This is very nice work. Excellent wallpaper.
snkmchnb nice work :) heh, boobies =D
Pitkon Maybe the style thing is my fault, Gilly. I should have told u we can't upload walls and other stuff here - just the style file and the screenie (preview). Sorry...
snkmchnb fixed :)
silverspider thats great thanks :)

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