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blueSpyes on the spyBox :: SpyderBlade User SpyderBlade
My first time actually trying to match colours and stuff, i liked the wall so much. Basically started with 'Black' by AlmostX and tweaked it a lot with bbstylemaker, nothing special... next up is hacking apart nightbreed's bbamp and one of those wallpaper preview switchers..should be fun 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style blueSpyes by SpyderBlade
Wallpaper Minimalistic_BW_1280_MAC.jpg Got it from pixelgirl 

Pitkon Very good work, spyder, and I like the touch of blue... Nice sidebar, too... Unfortunately, after bbslideshow, wallpaper previewers seem to have become obsolete...
Nightbreed Nice theme spyder... Where's the fun if you don't create your own slideshow thingy :-P. I was looking into creating a packed screenshot and style viewer/applier... don't Good luck with the bbamp thing Spyder.. I have more Winamp commands that arent listed if you need them
Nightbreed oh, by the way... the new bbamp coming out is going to be pretty much bb4tcl'ed :-D... I wonder what a tcl based sidebar would be like ;)
spyderblade thanks you two. I'm feelin' that I don't need all of those volume/record controls....and the winamp buttons (the show media library.playlist...) don't really work all that well (winamp has to be untrayed all the time for it to work) .So thus i'm looking into incorporating NB's bbamp into my sidebar. The wallpaper switcher is uber cool....i'm a do it now.
Nightbreed on trick I have to make all the controls of winamp work correctly is to have bbmuse hidden in the background. The newest version catches the commands a lot better now. But as Tresni pointed out. You may want to map your controls to multiamp's plugin. This way you can control more than one player
Nightbreed As far as the volume/record.. they control my KX audio mixer... it loads faster then standard windows volume controller... it's not actually part of winamp, cept the shortcuts to the eq in winamp. And winamp doesn't have to be untrayed... since using any script to control winamp, I can't remember the last time I've actually seen it's main window..lmao
Spyderblade oh Nightbreed i was talking about _my_ winamp controls... not the ones on your bbamp. Regular buttons like play, stop etc are fine but the "show window", "show playlist" wm_commands do not work when winamp is trayed.

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