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snackmachine :: circa1974 User circa1974
Merry Christmas will.
This screenshot looks like ass because fluxbox sucks but i am sure it will look a little better in bblean/bb4win/whatever you are using right now.
Hope it is somewhat close to what you expected to come from your wall.

Shell Nix Box
Style snack machine by circa1974
Wallpaper Overcast.png by snkmchnb 

snkmchnb /me likes :)
circa1974 i actually wanted a little shinier look to this style but wasnt able to get it eactly how i wanted. im a little disappointed that the grey is as flat as it is. I dont hate it.. but its not exactly what i envisioned.
Nightbreed Personally I think you did a great job with this wall.. I tried it myself and couldn't come up with anything that was worth
cLess-R34 Absolutely love it mate, it's brilliant. Made a custom wallpaper for it however, will re-post here soon, with full credit to mr. circa of course.

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