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Happy new year :: Wenli User Wenli
the inspiration of the shot is from 'China3' by dubox.Thank u!
The Charactor "Fu" at the left side means good furtune.Happy new year everyone~ 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style happy new year by Eatman

multifate is it easy to make the day of the week in chinese? i woul dlike to know how if you can tell me ;p
thewayofzen id like to know that as well
Wenli do u mean the time format?-__-it's the default setting of chinese version Windows System,whicn i'm using. hmm,sorry,guys,i dont know how to make english system to show chinese time format without whole system language setting change.
dubox nice style, wenli. thx ;)
kmav Where do I get the wallpaper?

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