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reprise :: crowmag User crowmag
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style reprise by crowmag

Pitkon Excellent textures on this one - and the colors are fine, too!
snkmchnb nice work, crowmag.. instant classic
crowmag Thanks Pitkon, snk. After not doing a style in so long, I almost forgot how enjoyable the process of creating one is.. hmm, seems like a good resoulution to make for the new year - take more time out to relax and make a style ;)
cthu1hu Nice one crowmag
doctorfrog Hey, you included .3dc code too! Good form, old boy!
Pitkon There is a typo in slit definitions (slit..marginWidth instead of slit.marginWidth) Other than that, works fine...
crowmag Oops, must be the ol' Parkinsens acting up again (jk)... haven't put it on my Linux box yet, so I'll have to fix that - good eye Pitkon! That could have been a head scatcher.

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