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darkness :: Two_toNe User Two_toNe
Been playin around with xoblite and just couldn't wait for a bbleanskin i fixed it :) 
Shell xoblite

wickedlester Nice. anyway you could share the patched bbleanskin? :D
Pitkon This is bbleanskin 1.14, not 1.16. I think 1.14 doesn't comply with the new style syntax...
Malnilion Hey Pitkon, I just talked to Two_toNe on IRC and he said that the source he grabbed said it was bbLeanSkin 1.16 on the .zip file... I kinda hope Grischka didn't just rename the .zip and hope nobody would notice...
Two_toNe Just to let those that can't or haven't read the bbleanskin code, bbleanskin does not read style syntax at all (new or old), it gets it's style settings from bblean. xoblite does not parse the window style section of a bb style, that's why bbleanskin won't load under xoblite. Pitkon: you are right, this is bbleanskin 1.14. I've since modified 1.16 and are working on getting it to parse new style syntax.
qwilk ...just FYI Two_toNe, we may be working on similar things, and I'm pretty much done... ;) Can I reach you on IM?
Pitkon That's great news, Two-toNe... Do u plan to post it or something?
qwilk (...and the historical reason why xoblite does not buffer the window style settings is that only a window skinning plugin would be interrested in them = bloat unless you use window skinning (which I do not btw))
Two_toNe qwilk: i dont have IM but im on #bb4win
thewayofzen interested in putting this mod through the tester. got a few new styles id like to use in the process.. any chance youll email it to me?? thewayofzen_@hotmail
auto I would also be interested in trying it out.
Pitkon Zen. Auto, check ur e-mail...
thewayofzen nothing in my email.. hrrrmph
auto Nothing in mine either.
Pitkon I was referring to something someone else must have sent u...
qwilk should both have it now :)
Malnilion Yeah, Pitkon, pretty cool, eh? I'm kinda interested seeing whose plugin turns out better :D
Pitkon I think I know which one I like, Mal... :D At the time I'm trying to find out why bbi conflicts with Xob3...
thewayofzen im a troll so im voting for karl. i

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