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Gorilla :: Pitkon User Pitkon
This is my first Xoblite bb3 RC1 style. The shell needs some refinements, since there are glitches, but it works for me... It just doesn't seem to like bbinterface too much... :D 
Shell xoblite
Style Gorilla by pitkon (,,
Wallpaper Bsetroot 

Malnilion I'm betting you're using Two_toNe's bbLeanSkin :) If you're not, please let me know how you got your buttons small, mine look big and ugly.
thewayofzen i knew it wasnt just me. malnillion font settings are they respected.. meaning can u change fontsize?
silverspider cool one Pete, thanks
crowmag Nice style Pitkon, I like the button spread on the window title bars.
crowmag mmm.. I meant marginWidth on the titlebars ;P
clovemagic It looks wonderful, Pete. Is that bbinterface with your systats on the right? It looks great. Do xoblite and bbinterface not play well together?
Pitkon Thanx, guys. Mal: The truth will soon out :D zen: like I said, I can change anything, no probs whatsoever, new or old syntax, slim or fat handles and things... Gilly: Thank YOU :) Crow: Yeah, I know what u meant - thanx! I like to experiment with the new syntax nowadays, even when sometimes the results look weird :D Clove: No, that's Gkrellm. Yeah, have to unload lots of plugins, like bbmuse and bbkeys, when bbi is loaded :( Thanx!
pitkon im takling about the shade itself. handles are fine. but usually i manipulate the font size in the window titles to slim the shade down because it changes with fontsize. currently that isnt an option. font sizes are pretty much fucked in my build.
Two_toNe Pitkon: have you ran this style in bblean with the latest bbleanskin? It draws the windows all screwed up.
Pitkon Two-toN: I run all styles on bblean first, since I'm using stylemaker. I have no problems with this or any other style I upload. And I didn't post the comment right above u. I guess zen did and used my handle by mistake :)
qwilk ...if any of you are using a certain "mod" plugin, please note that it is still a work in progress since it will have to be tweaked to get the same appearance as the original. To make a long story short, it has to do with which defaults to use if a value is not specified. And there is no universal rule on how to do that. Btw, are you all referring to the same "mod" plugin?
qwilk Second, it should be noted that as far as I know, any crashes you get with BBInterface - or plugins loaded by it - are not caused by xoblite (I am using BBI too, but maybe not as advanced stuff as some of you, hehe!). If someone could track down the likely cause of the crashes, it'd be appreciated. The same goes for the latest BBIcons, which seem to be slightly unstable using all *box branches.
qwilk other words, maybe the sentence above should read: "BBInterface does not seem to like xoblite too much"? =]
Pitkon LMAO, qwilk... U r right, And I HAVE tracked down the likely cause of the crashes: bbmuse and bbkeys. If I turn off extensions on bbmuse, I can't use my media center panel. As fot bbkeys... Well, I CAN live without it, but I'd prefer it if it were working, too. And the certain "mod" works just fine for me. But then, even bbicons 2 works just fine for me... Go figure...
Pitkon Oh, Two_toNe, my bad: I uploaded by mistake an experimental style file, not the one shown on the screenie. Will re-upload soon.
qwilk Hmm, Pete, would that be the original BBKeys or grischka's later released same-name-different-
codebase "bbkeys" btw? (grr)
thewayofzen im gonna fire up the plugins in question and give things a go later tonite. i like breaking things its fun
Two_toNe Good to know Pitkon, cause I really like this style :)
Pitkon qwilk: grischka's bbkeys, I'm afraid. I can always switch and test. Will let u know, but I think u pinpointed the problem. Zen: Lol... Ok, will be waiting for the bomb to explode... Two_toNe: The new style will be posted by the magic of snk soon enough... Or else... :D

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