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reality X3 remix :: frantic User frantic
Just had to tweak cthu1hu's latest a little to suit my beautiful X3 ss. Also, I'm showing off my new 19'' LCD. Style not released cause it's basically cthu1hu's Reality style with textcolor changed, all credits go to him.  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper X3 screenshot, get it at officiall Egosoft site. 

cthu1hu I just got a 19" myself. It's taking some getting used to. Like the font you're using.
T. Eastrup I just visited the official Egosoft site, and can't seem to localize the wallpaper. Is it maybee possible for yuo to provide alink here to it ?
Two_toNe T. Eastrup: here -> link
T.Eastrup Thank yuo very, very much.
frantic I can understand your enthusiasm about the wall, T. Eastrup. Jumpgates have fascinated me since they were so beautifully introduced in Freelancer. I'm getting X3 (and buying a new box to play it on) based on this screenshot alone (:

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