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reality :: dubox User dubox
reality experience on gentoo :) gnome phacile theme by mpetzoldt link 
Shell Nix Box
Style phacile-green by mpetzoldt 
Wallpaper reality 

crowmag Dang! That GTK theme looks like it was made for that wall! Sharp looking desktop dubox.
tech10171968 Yeah, too bad the shell you're looking at is Emerge v2.0, and not a *box shell....
snkmchnb sorry, tech10171968, that's GNOME. dubox is running Gentoo and that is how the packages are done is via an app by the name of Emerge.
tech10171968 I stand corrected (though it does look very similar to a shell replacement of that name). Still looks good, though.
Pitkon Another good style for this wall. And I think that in its next reicarnation Blackbox MUST include bitmaps and GTK themeing...

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