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Hacker's Choice :: cthu1hu User cthu1hu
Based on the game Hacker Evolution. Sorry for the corny name. Style pack + font here
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Hacker's Choice 3 by cthu1hu
Wallpaper mapa.jpg [modded] 

snkmchnb awesome work on the style pack, as usual!
maaneeack do me a favor and edit the styles for bb4win, cthulhu?
cthu1hu It's not bb4win compatible? You mean pre 0.70 bb4win? These are pretty much for bbClean only, since they won't look as good without text shadows..
noka you the man, homie. you the man.
Ivan Please, could you give a link for wallpaper?
cthu1hu I'm trying to get permission to release them. Getting the original wall was hard enough.
xo0m sweeeeet, thx!
maaneeack yes, before the style change, since bb4win doesn't understand the new format, and I see no reason to switch to one of the other variants just for that...
cthu1hu What's a good reason to not upgrade to the old bbLean 1.16 at the very least? And don't say RAM usage or bloat, as the differences are infinitesimally small ;)
maaneeack get on #bb4win and we'll discuss it, cthu1hu, heh. NB, I just tried boxCore, mixed feelings.
cthu1hu Wallpapers . Thanks for the permission by jjrrmmrr .
Ivan Thanks a lot.
Pitkon Great work. Again.
kowic man, this is good....I mean Goooorrd :D

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