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blackishbox :: XZero450/Evolution User XZero450/Evolution
Modded BBClean with:
Modded bbLeanSkin, bbSystemBarEx, BBKeys.

I wanted a simple and bright background image and decent style to reflect it.. How'd I do? =P

The unfocused windows _are_ a bit dark, the alpha of them is having it's way with the color.. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Blackishbox by LorD-Zero (
Wallpaper bg_blackbox_2560x2048 

dpcdpc11 nice one... good matching colors... just curious.. how did you managed to make the windows titles transparent???
iTiVO Modded BBClean with: Modded bbLeanSkin
XZero450 The modded LeanSkin.. ;-) 45
dpcdpc11 my version of bbleanskin is the one from noccy's last unofficial build that supports splivertical gradient... and it seems that: 45 doesn't work... maybe in the final NEB version this will work as well!
XZero450 If noccy adds support or wants my code, it will.. ;-) I believe mine is his latest "unofficial" with my additions. Unfortunetly it's not *just* the skin that is effected by the setting..

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